World's End
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where all your childhood dreams come true

VR & arcade

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arcade at the world's end

We've turned this huge upstairs space into a drinking and retro gaming experience like no other in Brighton. 

Attractions include an awesome 10-seater group racing experience, retro arcade machines and a lovely new bar to sustain your inner Pacman.

Add to this our new Virtual Reality area downstairs and you've got yourself an unmissable night out.

Check it out!


It's Game Over for pubs who don't have an arcade!

ARCADE Opening Times:

Monday - Thursday: 6pm- 12am

Friday: 5pm-1am

Saturday: 1pm-1am

Sunday: 1pm-9pm

Get in touch with the Racing Bug team by emailing:

Book hour long slots on the VR at the following link:

or get in touch with them the vr company by emailing:



The Racing Bug is £3 per person, per race

10 minute slots on the VR are priced as follows:

£8 for one person

£7.50 each for two people

£7 each for three or four people

Alternatively you can get a beer and a go on the VR for just £10!

All our arcade machines are either 50p or £1 per play